Design thoughts…

I recently read an article about interior home trends for 2018. Rich hues they called it. They included colors like plum and emerald greens, deep earthy orange tones, and textiles like velvet. It got me thinking. Where do they get this stuff? Do they see an onslaught of demand in mustard color velvet?

Or are we to blame? Do we read a magazine at the grocery store while waiting in line to check out and get an unexplainable undeniable need for earthy shades of clay and terra cotta? It’s a case of what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

At what point will I give up my current obsession with rustic farm décor and switch to orange chairs with metal legs? Will I ever be bold enough to bring in loud and boldly colored patterns that don’t match? I will admit, the pictures did make it look pretty.

Apparently, wicker is also making a comeback. Not sure this one will ever make it back into my home. Brings back childhood memories of being forced to clean it. I just remember how the dust never made its way out of those darn crevices.

Whatever way you choose to decorate your home, just remember that if you keep it around long enough, you will eventually find it in a magazine again as an up and coming trend.

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