House Plants, yay or nay?

House Plants, Yay or Nay?

According to Pinterest, the hot trend in house plants, with a 136% increase so far this year is …. Ready for this??

A single palm leaf. Yes folks, that is right. If you are a minimalist or simply de-cluttering your home before putting it on the market, then this is your answer. Who doesn’t like a nice houseplant? Or in this case, just one leaf? Plus, house plants have so many benefits. I assume one giant leaf has the same affect as many small leaves.

1. Plants increase oxygen levels thru photosynthesis. (big word of the day, insert pat on the back here)

2. Plants release moisture vapor, also thru photosynthesis. (ok now I’m just showing off)

3. Plants purify the air. They take toxins from the air and suck them right into the roots where they are destroyed.

4. Plants improve health. Research shows that adding plants to hospital rooms speed up recovery.

I personally love house plants. Whichever you decide to keep in your house, one leaf or many, I am sure the benefits will be the same. Plants not only have health benefits, they can stage your home beautifully as well. A houseplant will brighten up the rooms and add color to dress up your place. If nothing else, houseplants may bring a smile to anyone in your home and that is never a bad thing. I wish you luck in your search of indoor foliage.

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