Sandra Gansch

I’m a Realtor, Big deal.

Sandra GanschI read somewhere that 1 out of 9 people are a real estate agent. Holy $#it!! Who in their right mind decides to pick a profession with so much competition?

This girl that’s who.

Seasoned real estate agents probably look at all the newbies and roll their eyes.

So, what went in to the decision to become a Realtor? Memories. Every home I bought and sold represents a different time in my life. Some happy, some sad but all important, meaningful, necessary. With each home transaction, there was an agent that held my hand, listened to my emotional outbursts (there weren’t too many I promise) and made sure I could rest easy.

We all have a reason we do what we do. The decision to be a Realtor came from my heart. It is how I live my life. Heart on my sleeve, letting it lead the way. Helping people find HOME is what I do. So here I am. Let’s do this…together.

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